Emiliano Géant


Arie Antiche

Returning with his second solo album Arie antiche, Venezuelan coloratura baritone Emiliano Géant has produced an ambitious project devoted to the celebrated Italian baroque arias transcribed and rearranged by Alessandro Parisotti. These emblematic compositions, an essential part of the collective consciousness of opera lovers, were published in Rome in three volumes between 1885 and 1900.

The superb set of antique gems from the Italian baroque era is rarely, if ever, recorded as part of a full recital exclusively dedicated to Parisotti's somewhat romantic arrangements. This collection was created nearly two centuries later, a time when baroque music was beginning to be resurrected after geniuses like Mendelssohn, Brahms and Busoni set the path, which Alessandro Parisotti continues in the vocal repertoire. His legacy still inspires vocalists even a century later.

Original, expressive and passionate, Arie antiche pioneers a recording project of these masterworks rendered particularly eloquently in the voice of a coloratura baritone. Emiliano Géant's musical feat merges and delivers his talents as a pianist and as an opera singer in an album elegantly mastered and produced by Erick Barragan-Géant.

Rediscover the sonorous and dramatic power of Arie antiche brought to life in this rare occasion by the magic of the coloratura baritone voice.



  1. Già il sole dal Gange (Alessandro Scarlatti) · 1:49
  2. Amarilli, mia bella (Giulio Caccini) · 4:12
  3. Caro mio ben (Giuseppe Giordani) · 3:34
  4. Spesso vibra per suo gioco (Alessandro Scarlatti) · 1:00
  5. Quella fiamma che m'accende (Benedetto Marcello) · 4:10
  6. Per la gloria d'adorarvi (Giovanni Bononcini) · 4:03
  7. Intorno all'idol mio (Antonio Cesti) · 4:06
  8. Sebben, crudele, mi fai languir' (Antonio Caldara) · 3:31
  9. Tu ch'hai le penne, Amore (Giulio Caccini) · 3:13
  10. Sento nel core (Alessandro Scarlatti) · 3:32
  11. Nina (Giovanni Battista Pergolesi) · 2:41
  12. Lasciatemi morire (Claudio Monteverdi) · 1:33
  13. Nel cor più non mi sento (Giovanni Paisiello) · 3:04
  14. Delizie contente (Francesco Cavalli) · 3:31
  15. Tu lo sai (Giuseppe Torelli) · 2:57
  16. Pietà, Signore! (Alessandro Stradella) · 7:09
  17. O cessate di piagarmi (Alessandro Scarlatti) · 2:34
  18. Come raggio di sol (Antonio Caldara) · 3:02
  19. Selve amiche (Antonio Caldara) · 3:36
  20. Vittoria, mio core! (Giacomo Carissimi) · 2:33


Emiliano Géant: coloratura baritone, pianist
Erick Barragán-Géant: sound engineering, production, mastering
Yanko Tsvetkov: executive producer, art direction, design, photography

Recorded in Millenia Studio and Géant Studio, Valencia, Spain
Steinway & Sons grand concert piano provided by Clemente Pianos, Valencia

Total time: 66:50


Arie Antiche is available in digital format on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

The album is also available in a CD format on Amazon.